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Conspiracy Bourbon

Conspiracy Bourbon

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750 ML

Right off the bat, bold aromas of caramel hit you, followed by robust brown butterscotch and the rich essence of creme brulee.

Upon that initial sip, you'll encounter a strong presence of cinnamon and brown sugar, accompanied by a hearty punch of baking spices and herbal undertones. The flavors quickly transform into a robust mix of dark, fleshy fruits and berries. An enduring oak foundation remains in the background, a silent force that doesn't overpower. The palate provides a luxuriously smooth and satisfying experience, making this bourbon an effortlessly enjoyable companion.

The dark, lingering fruit notes from the palate persist into the finish, complemented by subtle yet pronounced oaky nuances and a hint of spice as it gracefully fades away, all but demanding you to take another sip.

Seek the Truth - There are a few secrets hidden within the bottle.
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